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We are proud to present we now offer a mentorship program for our awesome clients. This program is for the individual who is interested in learning to do their own hair, parents who want to do their children's hair, or those who want to start their own businesses. These mentorship opportunities take place at a studio or a location will be provided.
All supplies will be provided for each member per level that they attend. 

Virtual mentorship is available. 

Braiding Mentorship

Braid With Me
Regular Braid
Level 1  


Braid With Me
Add Hair 
Level 2 


5 hours



Students will learn how to stitch braid

First by learning to properly blow-dry hair
How to apply products properly
How to use a precision comb, and fingers to create a "stitch" braid
How to properly tuck hair to create a clean braid shaft
Creating content on social media
Know your target Audience
Pricing your work
Website Assistance. For students who enroll in this class; 20 percent of the financial investment will be applied towards the cost of their website, designed by our trusted web design partner Kreate Design

Disclaimer:  students who enroll in this class must know how to feed in hair. If you don’t know how to feed in hair please take level 2. Students who enroll in this class must have 3 pictures demonstrating feed-in braids.

Class Supply List:

Shine and jam
Precision comb
Mannequin head and stand
Braiding hair

Braiding organizer

Braid With Me
Add Hair 
Level 3 



4 hours


[objective] Students will learn:

About the foundation of styling hair 

How to:

Section hair 

Make correct parts

Create a single braid using 3 strands of hair 

Will learn how to use and apply products properly.

Disclaimer: This class is for anybody looking to learn the art of braiding, for the beginner. We encourage everyone to take our level 1 class. 

Class Supply List:
Shine and jam
Precision combs

Mannequin head and stand

5 hours


[objective] Part 1 & Part 2

Part 1 Students will learn: (Box Braids and Cornrows)

Presectioning hair ( mapping ) 
Learn how to apply the product properly
Learn how to add hair when braiding both on and off the scalp

Part 2 Students will learn how to: (Feed-In)

Separate braiding hair, Feed the hair into braids, and learn how to tuck hair.

Disclaimer: students entering level 2 must know how to braid prior to this class. If you're not able to braid, nor do you know how
you will be required to take the level 1 braiding class. Students must send 3 pictures of completed braided hairstyles.

Class Supply List:

Supply list
Shine and jam
Precision come
Mannequin head and stand
Braiding hair

Braid organizer

Braid with me is a mentorship program designed to help up-and-coming braiders/ hairstylists perfect their
craft. Everyone needs mentoring when learning a new skill or entering a new industry. Students who
enroll in all 3 Braid With Me levels will have access to La'Quel J Skeete as their mentor for life 



Choose our bundle option for $1250 

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