Create Your Own Wig

Here is where the magic of customizing begins. 


La'Quel does the 3 C's: Creates, Customizes, and/or Colors.


Want a wig you do not see on the site? Or do you see a wig on the site yet you would want it slightly different?

This is definitely the place to be.


Not only do we customize new wigs, but we also offer alterations on wigs you already own. Yess, this means your wig units can literally be altered after each wear.


For those of you currently in the state of Hawaii installs are also available via our booked services tab.

Mainland clientele do not worry La'Quel travels nationwide.


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Custom wigs are better than premade wigs because the lace can be changed without having to purchase a whole new wig 


Custom Wigs start at $150



Any questions or ready to order fill out our form below


Purchase hair (optional) or use hair you already own. Prior installed hair can be altered also.

Additional costs will apply when using prior installed hair. 

Additional cost when the constructed wig exceeds 3 bundles


Additional cost for color

Customer head must be measured to ensure wig fits correctly

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