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  • Micro-link extensions are new to our family, and our customers are loving them.




    Micro-link extensions are beads that link the hair to the extensions. Each strand of [extension] hair has a link on it, and your stylist puts your hair through it and the link is clamped down to secure each extension. With the micro-link technique, one small strand of extensions and your real hair are linked together. Best of all it is a braidless install, so if you love to wear majority of your natural hair but don’t want to have to braid any of your hair up, or deal with tension, this will be perfect for you.


    The Microlinks are sold by every 100 grams.  We recommend at least 100 grams for a partial install and 200 grams for a full head installation.   


    Please visit our booking link, in the navigation bar if you are interested in having your mirco-links installed by La ! 


    SKU: MCL01
    • Our 100% virgin hair, with propper hair care could last up to 1 year or longer. See our hair care section for propper hair care instructions.

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